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A “Better Health Blueprint”- Part 1 of 5″!

 In this motivational video, Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”) provides an overview of a “Blueprint for Better Health”. He highlights some very important ideas including: the “Essential 8 Links” for Better Health; how to get the REAL “quick fix” when improving your health; and his signature system called the “Chain-of-Health System”, which he has used with thousands of patients and clients to help them overcome various health challenges and improve their overall quality of life!

Dr. SAM highlights that there are 4 Key Steps in the Better Health Blueprint. Each step begins with the letter “A”.

The steps are:

Step 1: Assess!
Step 2: Acquire!
Step 3: Act!
Step 4: Affirm!

In this video, Dr. SAM focuses on the importance of just Step #1- “Assess”. He discusses the importance of how Step #1 serves to lay the key foundation for the other steps in the “Blueprint”; as well as how it can quickly put somebody on the right path to enhance overall health and well-being!

Make sure to watch the other videos (Parts 2-5) so you can get a full understanding of the “Better Health Blueprint” and how it can serve to improve your life! Enjoy!


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