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Discover The “V.I.P.” of Health!

In this motivational health video, Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”) offers some valuable insight about the “V.I.P.” of health!

The first “V.I.P.” of health is YOU! You ARE a Very Important Person. As such, you have a very important role to play on this planet. You have unique gifts and talents you can share with the world. So, the better your health, the better you can express these unique gifts and talents!

The next “V.I.P.” of health is that health is a Very Important Possession. As such, it’s the greatest asset you own!

The final “V.I.P.” of health is:
V = Value- You MUST place VALUE on your health!
I = Invest- You MUST invest in your health on a continual basis!
P = Protect- You MUST guard and protect your health!

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