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In this Dr. SAM Natural Health Newsletter August 2016 edition:

*DrSamPT Updates

*Festival Review:  The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2016

*Shine Your Light!

*Funky Monkey Raw Pudding 

*Q & A with Dr. SAM

*DrSamPT Updates


Dr. SAM's Costa Rica RetreatsDr. SAM’s next RAW-habilitation Wellness Retreat

Set for March 12th-19th 2017!

When you attend this awesome retreat, you will be joining others in paradise to experience:

  • AMAZING breathtaking Waterfalls!
  • FUN and challenging Jungle Hikes!
  • BEAUTIFUL exotic Beaches!
  • TANTALIZING fruits and other delicious Tropical Raw Food Delights!
  • YOGA and corrective exercise classes to improve posture and fitness!
  • PRIVATE individual bodywork sessions!
  • TONS of daily action and adventure!
  • AND TOTAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT– for one whole week in a Costa Rica!

Your life will be transformed for sure! You will have FUN! And… You will leave feeling totally empowered with an understanding of how to take better care of yourself for the rest of your life!


Again, this AMAZING event happening March 12th-19th 2017

If you want to experience a wellness retreat that is truly unique and that will leave you feeling recharged, rejuvenated, and regenerated, this is a MUST ATTEND event!

>> Click Here for Retreat Details <<<

FREE Video Series- A Blueprint for Better Health!
Dr. Sam Bad-Health-Be-Gone!2 
 DISCOVER an Actual “BLUEPRINT” for Better Health that can help you Overcome YOUR Health Challenges Permanently!

Lose Weight! Eliminate Pain! Boost Your Energy! Look and Feel Younger! Free Your Life!

In this awesome FREE Video Series you will discover:
A Simple 4-Step ‘Blueprint’ for Total Health Success!
Why EACH Step of the ‘Blueprint’ is Important and MUST BE Followed Correctly!
How this ‘Blueprint’ can help YOU FINALLY OVERCOME Your Health Challenges!

More details here >>> FREE New Video Series
Radio Interview
Natural Health Newsletter - Dr. SAM radio interviewI was thrilled to be on the radio recently. I would like to thank Patrick Timpone of “One Radio Network” for this fun opportunity! It was a pleasure to serve his listeners. You can find the interview at the link below. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can listen or download the call. More details about this event can be found by clicking on the link here >>> Radio Interview


Dr.SAM- Natural Health Newsletter Health Raisers Consulting

Dr. SAM’s Wellness Consulting   

Health Raisers Consulting” represents the “corporate wellness” side of my business.  Whether or not you’re involved in corporate, if your group would like to host me for a health and wellness talk in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact me here>>> Contact Dr. SAM  or visit and contact info can be found there as well.



*Festival Review:  The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2016

Woodstock Fruit Festival 2014I was thrilled to have been invited back for the 6th time as a speaker to the  Woodstock Fruit Festival held in Upstate NY last week (Aug 21st-28th). This amazing festival attracted people from all over the world. This year’s festival had almost 600 attendees and the event was absolutely amazing!!! The Festival was filled with:

  • Tantalizing exotic fruits (such as Longan, Dragon Fruit, Mangoes, Papayas, Jackfruit, Various Bananas, Coconuts, Durian, and Mamey Sapote to name some). TENS OF THOUSANDS of fruits were consumed throughout the week!
  • High-energy vibrant people from around the world sharing thoughts, ideas, visions, hugs, and MUCH LOVE ‘n SUPPORT!
  • Beautiful music- guitar; didgeridoo; drumming; singing; and transformational dance.
  • Educational Lectures and classes to help participants become TRULY EMPOWERED and transform their health!
  • Beach parties; therapeutic mud baths; lake water front (swimming; water toys; kayaks…) 
  • Arts/Crafts; Tie-dying; massage circles; social games; bodywork; and camp fires!
  • TONS of FUN was experienced each day.

This epic event happened in pristine nature at Camp Walden on Trout Lake in the Southern Adirondacks.

I would like to personally thank ALL volunteers who made this event happen. Without you, the festival could not exist! On that note, special thanks to Anne Osborne and Yuliya Yakhontova, who worked endlessly on making this event so great and successful! Thanks to Roy Rozman (social activities director) and his team, who brought the community closer together with fun and interactive activities. Thanks to Don Bennett (who led the presenters team) for all your hard work and love that went into keeping the educational aspect of this festival at a high quality standard! Thanks to Alicia Ojeda (and her amazing kitchen crew and guest chefs) for another year of epic meals! Another special thanks to Michael Arnstein (the visionary and creator of this festival), who has provided a special platform for many people to transform their lives in such a positive way. Thanks to ALL the other presenters as well, for making this event so special and memorable! I love you ALL and look forward to seeing you again at future events!

And… of course… special thanks to ALL the food/festival sponsors: Martha’s Best; Melon 1; New Generation;  Pure Choice Skin Studio; APi Water; Daily Green Boost; Vitamix; Excalibur; Omega Juicers; Hurom Juicers; Environmental Water; Nathan Sports; Kuving’; Veggie Wash; Injinji Socks; Field Candy; Zummo; Coco Jack; and Bawell Health Water.

Bottom line: We need more sign-ups by the middle of September to help ensure this event happens again next year! Affordable monthly payment plans are available if needed. So… prioritize your health, get registered, and join this loving community next year. This event has been life-changing for so many and it could change your life too! We are also looking for sponsors as well. 

If you’ve never attended, and are thinking about going next year in 2017, you can receive a $100 DISCOUNT when registering. Just enter the the discount code “SAM” on the last page of the festival application.

More details and registration can be found here! – WFF 2017 


*Shine Your Light!

Dr. SAM- loving synergismEveryone has a special light inside of them! This light that I’m referring too is the light in your mind; in in your words; in your heart; and in your actions —called consciousness! The more conscious you become, the more your light will shine! Your mind will gain clarity; your body will get stronger; your heart will open wider; and your actions will become kinder. You will live a life on purpose and of purpose! Your health will flourish when you are filled with light. Have you ever noticed how really healthy people just seem to beam? It’s as though light is just emanating out of them! They look alive and bright —especially in their eyes! They are ‘enlightened’! 

Each day, make sure to do the things that make you ‘light up’ and put a smile on your face! Explore; laugh; dance; connect; and celebrate life each day! We are living in some very dark times right now. The only way to change this is if we all make a choice to change it! How can you help? Shine your light each day! 


Dr. SAM Natural Health Newsletter

*Funky Monkey Raw Pudding

If you like pudding, then you may enjoy this sweet treat for sure!

Serves 2

Ingredients (preferably organic):

  • 4 chilled bananas (frozen bananas; or cold from the fridge)
  • 2 tablespoons of raw carob powder
  • 2 med-large pitted dates
  • 1/4 cup of dried mulberries
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seed

 Directions: Peel the refrigerated bananas (or use already peeled frozen bananas) and blend them with the other ingredients (except the mulberries) into a thick pudding consistency. Pour blended contents into a bowl and then add the mulberries.

Yummmmmmm….. Enjoy!

*Q & A with Dr. SAM

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski- physical therapist, speaker, wellness consultant Question: “Newsletter Reader” asks: My knees are “popping” when I squat, so how do I fix this?

Answer: It will depend on what’s causing it! Since I have not assessed you, it’s hard to say. However, in general, from a biomechanical standpoint, you will need to consider the overall quality of your posture and alignment. If you have poor skeletal alignment; myofascial trigger points; scar tissue; muscle imbalances; or poor muscle timing and sequencing, then these need to be fixed. Your overall technique when squatting should also be addressed. You may be using a knee-dominant strategy and shifting your weight forward too much (which can put excessive stress on your knees). This will often be worse if your knees collapse inward when you squat. From a metabolic standpoint, your diet and lifestyle may need some fixing up as well. Proper nutrition; hydration; sleep; sunshine; fresh air; proper breathing; and good daily hygiene habits will be needed as well. In many cases, this “popping” can often be fixed!

Here’s my advice: If you can’t get in to  see me, then make a point of scheduling an appointment with another physical therapist or qualified health practitioner that can help you figure out what is going on so you no longer suffer from Rice Krispy Syndrome (snap, crackle, pop!).

Thanks for your question.


How to get your questions answered?

If you have a question for Dr. Sam that you would like answered in an upcoming Natural Health Newsletter please use the Contact Info Form. As I get a ton of emails, please put the following in the subject line of the contact form: “Question for future newsletter”, so that I can find it much easier.

If you know anyone that may benefit from receiving my Natural Health Newsletter, please feel free to send them to so they can sign up.

In loving service,
Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT

You can connect with me here:



Copyright- Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT, 2016. All rights reserved. No part of this Natural Health Newsletter may be reprinted without permission of the author.



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