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In this Dr. SAM Natural Health Newsletter July 2016 edition:

*DrSamPT Updates

*A Simple 3-Step Approach to a MORE ‘Fulfilled’ Life!

*Some Health Humor & Wisdom

*Banana Fennel Pudding Recipe

*Q & A with Dr. SAM

*DrSamPT Updates


Dr. SAM's Costa Rica RetreatsDr. SAM’s next RAW-habilitation Wellness Retreat

Set for March 12th-19th 2017!

When you attend this awesome retreat, you will be joining others in paradise to experience:

  • AMAZING breathtaking Waterfalls!
  • FUN and challenging Jungle Hikes!
  • BEAUTIFUL exotic Beaches!
  • TANTALIZING fruits and other delicious Tropical Raw Food Delights!
  • YOGA and corrective exercise classes to improve posture and fitness!
  • PRIVATE individual bodywork sessions!
  • TONS of daily action and adventure!
  • AND TOTAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT– for one whole week in a Costa Rica!

Your life will be transformed for sure! You will have FUN! And… You will leave feeling totally empowered with an understanding of how to take better care of yourself for the rest of your life!


Again, this AMAZING event happening March 12th-19th 2017

If you want to experience a wellness retreat that is truly unique and that will leave you feeling recharged, rejuvenated, and regenerated, this is a MUST ATTEND event!

>> Click Here for Retreat Details <<<

Dr. Sam Bad-Health-Be-Gone!2NEW!  -FREE Video Series- A Blueprint for Better Health!

DISCOVER an Actual “BLUEPRINT” for Better Health that can help you Overcome YOUR Health Challenges Permanently!

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In this awesome FREE Video Series you will discover:
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More details here >>> FREE New Video Series
 Woodstock Fruit Festival 2014
I’m thrilled to be speaking again at next year’s Woodstock Fruit Festival. If you’ve never attended, and are thinking about going this year in 2016, you can receive a $100 DISCOUNT when registering. Just enter the the discount code SAM on the last page of the festival application. More details about this event can be found by clicking on the link here >>> Woodstock Fruit Festival 2016



Dr.SAM- Natural Health Newsletter Health Raisers Consulting

Dr. SAM’s Wellness Consulting   

Health Raisers Consulting” represents the “corporate wellness” side of my business.  Whether or not you’re involved in corporate, if your group would like to host me for a health and wellness talk in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact me here>>> Contact Dr. SAM  or visit and contact info can be found there as well.


*A Simple 3-Step Approach to a MORE ‘Fulfilled’ Life!   

DrSamRaw-habilitationRetreatSpiralStep 1- Learn from the past! Yes, it’s important to learn from our past, but not live in the past! Good or bad, things happen. That’s life! If it’s bad things, move on! It’s over! We can’t change it, so we need to let go and keep going. If it’s good, we still need to do the same thing! Either way, it’s important to take time to reflect and process the lessons and experiences we have, but then… move on!  

Step 2- Live in the present! This is where most of the ‘magic’ in life happens– in the now! However, the art of ‘self-awareness’ appears to be dying. Many people are often so engulfed with their technological devices, or they are multitasking their days away to the point that, they can’t truly be present and live in the NOW! Consequently, many people miss out on life’s magic moments! Being “present” is the “gift” –not only the gift you receive, but the one you will give to others as well! 

Step 3- Look forward to the future! Simply put, you can approach life in one of two ways: either with fear and anxiety (which is draining); or with eager and anticipation (which is fulfilling)! The second approach is the one recommended. Life is much more meaningful when we have something to “look forward to”, especially when this something is something fun and engaging!

The takeaway message: Life is what we make it! Life doesn’t happen to us; we create it with Steps 1-3 above!


*Some Health Humor & Wisdom

Dr. SAM- loving synergismHere is some health humor and wisdom to help you reach your fitness goals:

  • If you want “buns of steal”, then stop eating buns of hotdogs and hamburgers!
  • If you want rock “hard” abs, then stop consuming “soft” drinks!
  • If you want to be chiseled, then stop getting hammered!
  • If you want a body you will “treasure”, then stop consuming “junk”!


Conclusion: If you want to be fit, then stop putting things in your body that don’t fit!



*Banana Fennel Pudding 

Chris Kendall- recipeIf you like pudding, then you may enjoy this sweet treat chilled on a nice hot summer day!

Ingredients (preferably organic):

-4 bananas (1 lb / 460 g)
-fennel (.25 lb / 115 g)
-2 dates or 2 dried figs (may need to presoak 1 – 4 hours) (.1 lb / 45 g)

Directions: Shred or grate fennel, blend banana with dates or figs with just enough soak water to reach a thick pudding consistency. Mix with finely shredded fennel. Pour into a bowl! Yum!  Enjoy!


Chris KendallRecipe provided by Chris Kendall, RHN- As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, and Yoga Teacher, Chris Kendall has helped transform hundreds of lives. Whether it’s through his raw food demos, public speaking, blog and social media, health coaching, or even his skateboarding, Chris’s passion to inspire and help others find better health can be felt at a deep level. This recipe is from his new book: “50 More Frickin Rawsome Recipes”, which is due out later this spring (May 2016). You can find more info here: Raw Advantage

*Q & A with Dr. SAM

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski- physical therapist, speaker, wellness consultant Question: “Newsletter Reader” asks: I really want to improve my nutrition and was going to eat more cruciferous veggies in the form of sprouts? However, since sprouts have many more times the nutrients in them as compared to the more mature cruciferous veggies, I am concerned that the goitrogen levels in the sprouts may be too much and negatively impact my thyroid function. Any thoughts?

Answer:  First, congrats on taking the initiative to eat healthier! There is MUCH ongoing debate about whether or not the goitrogens are a concern regarding it’s potential negative impact on thyroid function. However, eaten in their raw sprouted form this negative potential impact on your health should actually go down. Here’s why: As far as I’m aware, seeds and sprouts do not contain goitrogens (the goitrogens often develop as they grow beyond a sprout). However, that said, there’s really probably only one way to find out: Run the experiment! Collect your own data. Go from there.

If you know where your thyroid function is starting from (based on how you feel overall and through various forms of lab testing or reliable self-administered tests), then if you eat more cruciferous sprouts and don’t change anything else in your diet, you may be able to measure the “effect” it’s having on your health (and thyroid function)! The biggest factor to consider (as is always) is to account for any other factors of health (outside of your diet in this case) that you may have changed during your experimental phase. If these other factors are not monitored and considered, then it’s hard to truly know what is making the difference– positive or negative!

Thanks for your question.

How to get your questions answered?

If you have a question for Dr. Sam that you would like answered in an upcoming Natural Health Newsletter please use the Contact Info Form. As I get a ton of emails, please put the following in the subject line of the contact form: “Question for future newsletter”, so that I can find it much easier.

If you know anyone that may benefit from receiving my Natural Health Newsletter, please feel free to send them to so they can sign up.

In loving service,
Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT


You can connect with me here:



Copyright- Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT, 2016. All rights reserved. No part of this Natural Health Newsletter may be reprinted without permission of the author.

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