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In this Dr. SAM Wellness Newsletter January 2018 edition:

*DrSamPT Updates

*Fitness vs. Health

*Enjoy Your Life!

*Sweet Kale Recipe

*Q & A with Dr. SAM


*DrSamPT Updates

Dr. SAM's Costa Rica Retreats- Wellness Newsletter The NEXT Costa Rica Retreat: $100 DISCOUNT CODE BELOW

March 11th-18th 2018!

There is still time to sign up for this AWESOME Wellness Retreat in paradise! When you attend, you will be joining other health-conscious beings to experience:

  • AMAZING Breathtaking Waterfalls!
  • FUN n’ Challenging Jungle Hikes!
  • BEAUTIFUL Exotic Beaches!
  • TANTALIZING Fruits n other Delicious Tropical Raw Food Delights!
  • Yoga, QIgong, and Corrective Exercise classes to improve posture, breathing, and fitness!
  • PRIVATE individual Bodywork Sessions for healing and rejuvenating!
  • TONS of daily Action n’ Adventure!
  • AND TOTAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT– for 1 Whole Week in a Costa Rica!

 Check out the short “Testimonial Video” below from those who attended this year in 2017!


Again, the next AMAZING RETREAT is happening in Costa Rica:

March 11th-18th 2018

USE DISCOUNT CODE- “CR2018” for $100 Discount

MUST register by Feb 5th 2018 for discount code to be valid!


More details here >>> Costa Rica Retreat Details


Another Amazing Costa Rica Retreat Event in 2018!

Cultivate and Celebrate Natural Health with Fruit!

I am thrilled to have been invited to speak and present healing workshops at the Costa Rica Fruit Fest 2018. This will be a transformative event designed to inspire and empower participants with knowledge and experience relating to fruit-based nutrition, holistic health, permaculture, and community.

At the 2018 Costa Rica Fruit Fest you will experience:
  • 100% Local, Organic, Seasonal Fruits and Raw Vegan Cuisine
  • Unlimited Buffet-Style Meals
  • Unlimited Coconuts and Sugarcane Juice
  • Workshops on Permaculture, Holistic Health, Regenerative Detoxification, Community Building, Plant-Based Nutrition, Urban Gardening, Herbal Medicine Crafting, and Much More
  • Daily Movement Classes Including Yoga, Qigong, HIIT, and Ecstatic Dance
  • Healing Sanctuary with Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chiropractic Adjustments, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Reiki
  • Nightly Live Music and Campfire Jam Sessions
  • Direct Access to Baru Falls — just a 5 min walk from the yoga deck
  • Live Art and Gallery
  • Sweat Lodges
  • Tea Lounge
  • Sacred Fire Ceremonies
  • Detoxifying Blue Clay Regeneration Temple
  • Children’s Zone and Fun for the Whole Family!

*Note: RECEIVE A $111 DISCOUNT – use the Discount Code “DRSAM” when registering!


More details can be found here >>> CR Fruit Fest Details


Speaking of Health…

I’m excited to be back on the radio for another hard hitting and fun show that empowers others toward a higher level of health. The show airs this Friday January 26th at 11am. You can tune into the show here:  

Radio Show:


Dr. SAM- wellness newsletter- DrSamPT


If your organization would like to work with me as a speaker or corporate wellness consultant, please reach out and contact me here >>> Contact Dr. SAM



You can also connect with me on my YouTube Channel here >>> Dr. SAM on You Tube



Woodstock Fruit Festival 2018 Update!

Dr. SAM- wellness newsletter- Woodstock Fruit Festival

This event has: AMAZING FOOD, AMAZING PEOPLE, AMAZING LOCATION and AMAZING LOVING VIBE that could be felt all week long! I have attended and presented at all the Woodstock Fruit festivals and I can honestly say this can be a life-changing event!

The 2018 Woodstock Festival already has over 400 people registered and this event will most likely sell out! Affordable monthly payment plans are currently available at around $45 – $65 a month, depending on your age range! Prices will go up at the beginning of each month! So.. NOW is the time to register!!!

If you’ve never attended (and want to go next year), you can receive a $100 DISCOUNT when registering.

Just enter the the Discount Code “SAM” on the last page of the festival application.


More details about the event can be found here >>> Woodstock Fruit Festival


*Fitness vs. Health

A common misconception is that: Fitness = Health.  This is simply not true! People can be fit, but still not be healthy. There are tons of good examples of this, not only in sports (as high as the professional levels), but also pasted all over social media. People equate a fit looking body with total health. It’s NOT! However, being fit is a component of good health. So the equation should read:  Fitness = A Component of Good Overall Health!

I have rehabilitated plenty of “fit people” in my career. Guess what we didn’t focus on too much? Their fitness! Why? They were already fit! However, they were not healthy. So, their rehab programs became lifestyle rehab programs. I had to get them to see that their good level of fitness could not ‘make up’ for what was lacking in the rest of their health regimen (and for some, they didn’t really even have a health regiemen, just a fitness regimen). That being said, I have also had to get some so-called ‘healthy people’ on better fitness regimens. Why? They didn’t have one! They thought the rest of their healthy lifestyle would make up for it. Nope! It doesn’t work this way either! 

So, I invite you to take a look at your own personal fitness regimen? Do you have one? If not, why not? How about your own overall health regimen? Do you pay attention to the rest of the health equation, or do you tend to use fitness as your Holy Grail?  The good news is that if you are not happy with your answers, you can always consciously choose to change your actions and behaviors to bring about a healthier you!  



*Enjoy Your Life!

It is important that you enjoy your life! When you get to the end of it, you ‘re not taking anything with you… except the memories you have of the things you did; the peoples’ lives you touched; and the difference you made! So… enjoy your life!!!

Does this mean you shouldn’t work hard? No!

Does this mean you shouldn’t care about worldly matters? No!  

Does this mean you shouldn’t be responsible and accountable? No!

Does this mean you shouldn’t take good care of your body? No!

What it means is that when life is approached from a point of love and enjoyment, it will be more complete! You will have “lived fully” and know in your heart that you were here… and so will others!


*Sweet Kale Recipe

Here’s another scrumptious plant-based recipe to help raise your level of vitality!

Ingredients: (preferably organic)

  • 1 big bunch of young tender kale
  • 3 small pears
  •  1/2 cup of sultana raisins (.25 lb / 115 g)
  • 3 sticks of celery
  • 1 bunch of cilantro

Directions:  Shred the kale removing the central “spine” or “vein”, massage to soften and place in a bowl. Dice half of the pears, half of the celery and all of the cilantro, toss together with kale and 1/2 of the raisins. Blend the remaining pear, celery and raisins, you may need add a splash of water to blend. Note: No need for the raisins to fully blend. Toss all together and enjoy!

Chris KendallThis recipe is from Chris Kendall’s ebook: 50 More Rawsome Frickin Recipes! As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, and Yoga Teacher, Chris Kendall has helped transform hundreds of lives. Whether it’s through his raw food demos, public speaking, blog and social media, health coaching, or even his skateboarding, Chris’s passion to inspire and help others find better health can be felt at a deep level. More details about Chris here: The Raw Advantage


*Q & A with Dr. SAM

Dr SAM- bio pic- Wellness Newsletter Question: A Wellness Newsletter Reader asks: Are the bottled organic juices, blended drinks, and smoothies just as good as making them yourself?

Answer: Freshest is often the bestest! (yes, bestest is not a real word, but it rhymes). With that said, it often comes down to quality and convenience! If the produce you are using is not of as high a quality as what you’re getting in the bottle, then the bottle may be a better choice. If the time it takes you to make the drink is stressing you out and so you don’t stick to eating well long-term, then the bottled stuff may be a good choice as well. Bottom line: plant foods are good for you! And.. you should consume LOTS of them each day. So, drink up! With that said, not all bottled fruit n veg beverages are created equal. It’s important to always know as much as possible where your food is coming from. So, support local organic business as much as possible. When  buying non-local commercial, please support the conscious companies that are using sustainable and ethical practices to produce their products!

Thanks for your question.

How to get your questions answered?

If you have a question for Dr. Sam you’d like answered in an upcoming Wellness Newsletter please use the Contact Info Form As I get a ton of emails, please put the following in the subject line of the contact form: “Question for future newsletter”, so that I can find it much easier.

If you know anyone that may benefit from receiving my Natural Health Newsletter, please feel free to send them to so they can sign up.

In loving service,
Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT

You can connect with me here:




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