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Is “everything in moderation” really okay?

In this motivational health video, Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”) offers  some valuable insight about the phrase “everything in moderation” as it pertains to health!

Dr. SAM discusses how “everything in moderation” is a very loose  relative term that many people can define and interpret as they wish, which can lead to justifying behavior that is not in alignment with one’s health goals. As such, when “everything in moderation” becomes a ‘daily habit’, it becomes an issue that can negatively impact one’s health.

The next issue about “everything in moderation” is that the world we live in today is not a world of moderation, but rather extremes. Therefore, since we can’t control some of these extremes (such as chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, etc.), it may be in our best interest to avoid adding to these extremes with an “everything in moderation” mindset.

Finally, the idea of “everything in balance”, as opposed to “everything in moderation” may be a better approach to overall health. Balance of the necessary ‘health essentials’  (instead of doing things that impair good health in a “moderate” way) may be what is really needed.

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