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Head Lifts: The NEW “Exercise Craze”!


In this motivational health video, Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”) offers  some valuable insight about the value of doing “head lifts” every day!

Dr. SAM discusses how the habit of “looking down” has become so common in society, that people think it’s “normal”. It’s not normal! Actually, it’s quite dysfunctional! The act of having your eyes constantly glued to your smart-phone or other hand-held device has created an epidemic of sore and stiff spines. Sometimes referred to as “text neck”, this condition is REAL and it can become quite a significant issue that disrupts quality of life.

In mind, body, and spirit, Dr. SAM addresses why “looking down” all the time steals your health away! He mentions how people are actually “disconnected” (not connected) with the world around them! He recommends that when you are using your technology, keep it at eye level so as not to put unnecessary stress on your body that can impair your health long-term!

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