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Physical Therapist Rehabilitates Himself From Chronic Prostatitis

By Samuel A. Mielcarski, PT, PES-NASM
Living Nutrition Magazine, Vol. 15, 2004

There I was on stage holding a 2nd place trophy. At that time, it was the spring of 1998; I was almost 25, and  the event was The Mr. Atlanta Body Building Competition. I looked great, but only on the outside. My insides did not look good, and this was evident in the weeks to come after the competition, when I started to experience intestinal pains, fatigue, and urogenital problems, including chronic prostatitis.  

Prostatitis is a condition where the prostate gland (the chestnut like structure that sits below the bladder and surrounds the urethra in a male) becomes inflamed and irritated.  This can lead to problems with urination and sexual functioning. It became apparent to me that I had this condition when on several occasions, I felt the need to urinate and was unable to do so.  This was a most frightening experience at the time. I sought out a professional opinion from a urologist, and the diagnosis was confirmed: chronic prostatitis.  When I asked him about the cause of this condition, he said, “We are not really sure, but it appears to be a cluster of infections that collect in this region of the body.” When I asked about a possible link between my intestinal pains, bowel irregularity and my prostate problem, the doctor just said, “I suppose there could be a link.”

Well, I was determined to find the cause and correct it-without drugs! I went back to my anatomy and physiology books and studied the structure and function of the prostate gland. I noticed that the wall of the colon sits right up against the wall of the prostate gland. It was all starting to make sense.  My colon had become weakened and inflamed (colitis), and adjacent structures such as my prostate gland had become irritated as well. From a hygienic standpoint, the response in my prostate region could be viewed as a healing response. In physiology, “part of the solution to pollution is dilution.” So, perhaps my prostate region had become swollen as a protective response. The condition served the purpose of diluting the toxic byproducts that had collected in my prostate gland, which were a result of unhealthy living practices: overtraining, under-recovering, poor diet, lack of sunshine and fresh air, decreased emotional poise, unhealthy relationships, and out-of-control stress.

Once I had peace of mind regarding the cause of the problem, it was time to start the rehabilitation process. I decided to treat myself as I treat my patients:  compassionately. The first thing on the agenda was to perform an initial evaluation to determine what aspects of myself needed rehabilitation. I came to realize my treatment would have to address all of me: mind, body, and spirit. From a physical perspective, I understood my prostate acted as both a muscle and a gland and could be strengthened via exercise. Emotionally, I realized my prostate served as a center for reproduction, not only of human life, but for creative energy as well. After using the process of self-inquiry, I came to understand that unresolved emotions of inadequacy, negative stress, disappointments, and dislikes were also part of my prostate condition. Spiritually, my prostate condition represented denial, fear, and issues around immortality.

Concurrently with rehabilitating myself from this chronic condition, I discovered the science of natural hygiene. Implementing the principles of this true healthcare system into my rehabilitation plan, I was successful in conquering the cause of the problem, as well as preventing other problems from developing, such as prostate/testicular cancer. I had several signs and symptoms of this type of cancer already, and I was in the prime age group for developing this condition, despite being told by the doctors, “you are too young to have such problems.”

My rehab protocol consisted of the following:

1. Cleansing: fasting, eating a raw vegan diet, wearing looser clothing made of natural fiber, and a change of job location from one that  had been accompanied by exposure to toxic substances.
2. Exercise: general aerobic exercise, resistance training, rebounding, visualization/imagery, and specific pelvic floor exercises to strengthen my body.
3. Rest: improved quantity and quality of rest and sleep.
4. Emotional well-being: discussing my concerns with others and reestablishing a loving relationship with myself.
5. Prayer and Meditation: spiritual exercise to strengthen my will and belief in the miracle-working powers of my body.
6.  Diet: converting to a 100% raw food diet, drinking clean water, and getting more fresh air and sunshine.
7. Relationships: reestablishing loving relationships with family and friends, and attending support groups related to healthy living practices.
8. Bodywork: rebuilding my body from the inside out: releasing physical and emotional scar tissue in my pelvic and abdominal regions that were impeding the flow of blood and life force through my prostate region.

As with most conditions of dis-ease, mine had a purpose: to teach me what true health really is, how to achieve it, how to maintain it, and how to empower others to do the same!  I now advocate bodily building instead of just body building. Bodily building is the essence of what Natural Hygiene represents. I learned to live in harmony with nature and provide my body with basic essentials such as rest, sleep, proper nutrition, exercise, emotional balance, loving relationships, and passion and purpose in life, enabling my body to heal itself.  

I’d like to mention a book I found particularly helpful: Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery. (Clapp, ISBN 1-56170-460-1). I would  like to personally thank Healthful Living International, Living Nutrition, all the raw food and healthful living advocates, and my family, for all your love, support, and knowledge, as this has served as the fulcrum for transforming my life.  My health is now in first  place, where it belongs!

Samuel A. Mielcarski, P.T., PES-NASM, is a physical therapist who believes  in empowering others towards their optimal living potential through fun learning  experiences.  Samuel created The Body Dynamic, which offers Physical Rehabilitation, Performance/Lifestyle Enhancement, Customized Exercise Programs, and Integrative  Bodywork services.

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