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Come join us for a week full of AWESOME

Food, Fun & Healing Adventure!

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2015 Retreat Dates

Costa Rica:

March 21st – March 28th, 2015


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Dr. SAM invites you to come join him in an unforgettable, transformational health and healing experience! Whether or not you are new to living a healthy lifestyle or have been at it for awhile, this retreat is a MUST attend event. Dr. SAM is a dynamic speaker, healer and health educator who has helped to ‘raw-habilitate’ thousands of people successfully. If you have been looking to take your health to the next level, this week-long, fun event will provide the ideal opportunity to do just that…






Imagine being in a nurturing paradise with this all-inclusive package deal:



*Private guided tours and eco-adventures-You will explore breathtaking waterfalls, play on beautiful beaches, tour awesome organic farms, including tasting wild fruits, flowers, plants, and other natural delights, bathe and drink from pristine springs, fly through the jungle down zip-lines, relax in cool caves, hike and observe wild monkeys, toucans, and other exotic creatures in the jungle terrain, as well as experience other cool eco-adventures.


DrSamRaw-habilitationRetreatLecture2*Health-empowering lectures and classes- You will leave the retreat inspired and motivated to take better care of your health after hearing Dr. SAM speak about: raw food nutrition, exercise and fitness, optimizing the healing response, injury prevention, anti-aging, breathing, meditation and vibrational health, and spiritual enlightenment. Dr. SAM will share his RAW-habilitationTM system of health and healing that has been used to help thousands of people transform their health. You will experience a fun and relaxed learning atmosphere. Health and healing concepts from his books and products will be adequately addressed. If you don’t already own some of these resources, you will be provided at least one free during the retreat.




*Private one-on-one therapeutic bodywork and/or exercise sessions- As a retreat participant, you will receive at least 1 hr of private ‘raw-habilitation time’ with Dr. SAM to meet your personal health and healing needs. Say goodbye to chronic aches and pains; and hello to a new vibrant body, mind, and spirit. Dr. SAM’s unique hands-on approach utilizes the body’s inherent wisdom to guide itself back into a balanced state of function. Customizing exercise to fit your body, mind, and spirit will be utilized in these private sessions as well.



DrSamRaw-habilitationRetreatGroupExercise*Focused group fitness sessions- You will join others in group exercise sessions that will be aimed at improving movement, restoring flexibility and posture, toning muscle (especially your glutes and abs), and fixing body imbalances that can help you prevent common injuries. These sessions will not only help you feel much better, they will also help to prepare you for some of the more challenging eco-adventures and other fun activities you may choose to participate in.


*Amazing raw and living foods- YES, we WILL eat, and we will eat well! Delicious and nutritious whole, natural, vegetarian raw and living foods will be served to you daily by our master chefs and kitchen staff. Your palate will be tantalized as you indulge in healthy meals that nourish every part of your being. You don’t have to be a DrSamRetreatCRFood3100% Raw Foodist to attend this event to be happy. Please let us know how we may fulfill your special dietary needs.DrSamRetreatCRdinner3





*Fun,laughter, and entertainment-Dancing, doing yoga, chanting and singing, creating music DrSAMretreatAcroYogaand art, watching movies, playing games, taking time to relax, reflect, and meditate, and sharing your thoughts and feelings as desired are just some of the fun ways that will help you and others enjoy their stay. Who knows? You might even learn how to fly!



What others are saying about Dr. SAM and his Raw-habilitation Retreats:

“Dr. SAM is a great speaker and retreat facilitator. If you are looking to transform your health, then we would highly recommend attending one of his lectures or retreats. It will be a great investment of your time, money and energy.” -Brian & Jody Calvi, Farm of Life Health Retreat and Healing Center, Costa Rica


“Dr. SAM’s health retreats are totally EPIC! I’ve had the pleasuring of attending more than one of them and he delivers big time! Dr. SAM’s retreats can change your life. You will be glad you attended!” -Chris Kendall, Raw Food Chef, Health Educator


“Dr. SAM is amazing at what he does. He is a both a great speaker and a true healer. If you are looking to take your health to the next level, Dr. SAM is the man!” -Mel Campbell, Motivational Speaker, Believe Enterprises


“Dr. SAM’s Raw-habilitation Retreats are definitely a great investment. The retreats are a mixture of fun, education, and health empowerment in paradise. Samuel guides you for a week-long adventure as he entertains, motivates and inspires you towards better health.” -Kent McFarland, Roswell, GA


“If you’re looking to have fun and learn how to take charge of your health, then attending one of Dr. SAM’s retreats is a MUST!” -Shannon Kilbourn, Health Coach


“Dr. SAM’s retreats are awesome! I’ve been 2x already! They are definitely worth your time, money and energy! If you don’t feel better after going, then you tried really hard not to!” -Martin O’connor, Georgia


Location of Event


This event will be hosted at Finca de Vida (“Farm of Life”), which is in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. It’s located nearly 2-miles from the coast at an elevation of 2000 feet. This healthy-lifestyle-travel-destination sits atop a lush green valley and enjoys pleasant temperatures, cool breezes and outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean and evening sunsets. Please visit for more information about the resort.



Pricing & Accommodations

DrSamRaw-habilitationRetreatcabin2Natural cabin-style housing (that can accommodate up to 4 people per cabin) is available. Single beds, double beds, and bunk-style bedding may be an option. There is running water (hot and cold), showers, electricity, and flushing toilets. There is a common-area that has full kitchen facilities as well. Reservations of cabins are on a first-come basis.

Pricing includes: accommodations for 7 nights and 6 full days, including a welcome dinner and goodbye breakfast. Each day, 3 meals of whole, natural, vegetarian raw and living foods (as well as snacks) will be provided. Again, you don’t have to be 100% Raw Foodist to attend this event. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

Air travel is NOT included in the price, but travel to and from the airport to the retreat site will be provided. Prices do include any Costa Rican sales tax that may be applicable.

*Note: All retreat participants will have to pay a departure tax of $28 USD at the airport in Costa Rica before returning to the U.S.


 PrDr. SAM Raw-habilitation Retreat cabin coco-mono-1ivate Cabins

Regular Cabins:

Single occupancy: $2150 

Double occupancy cabin: $1950 per person (Save $200/person)

Triple occupancy cabin: $1850 per person (Save $300/person)

Quadruple occupancy cabin: $1800 per person (Save $350/person)


Dr. SAM Raw-habilitation Retreat cabin coco mono-2

Premium Cabins (amazing views of campus and walk-out balcony):

Double occupancy cabin: $2100 per person (Save $200/person)

Triple occupancy cabin: $2000 per person (Save $300/person)

Quadruple occupancy cabin: $1950 per person (Save $350/person)




Reservations & Cancellation Policy

Space is limited to to 15 participants per retreat. Room reservations are on a first-come basis. A 50% deposit fee will be charged upon receipt of your registration, and the remainder is due by 60 days before the retreat begins. If you cancel yet your spot is filled, then you will only be charged a $75 administrative fee. (Note: Your spot is considered filled once all spots are filled and there is a waiting list. Or, you can personally fill your spot by sending a replacement participant on your behalf.) If you cancel yet your spot is not filled, then you will lose your entire payment, unless you choose to apply this payment towards the following year’s retreat tuition.  

If the retreats are canceled by the retreat host or facilitators, all participants will receive a full refund. However, any travel expenses will NOT be reimbursed.


Reservations can be made by contacting Dr. SAM:


Phone: 404-271-9997 / Google Voice: 575-51-DrSam (575-513-7726)


Money-Back Guarantee!


Dr. SAM is certain this event will deliver an awesome and transformational health and healing experience! If you are not satisfied after Day 2 of the retreat, he has agreed to refund your money back! (Refunds include retreat expenses only. Travel fees will not be refunded.) For the record: To date, NO ONE has asked for their money back!



All activities are optional, but are included in the price of the retreat. Some activities may be physically strenuous. It is the responsibility of each participant to use good judgment as to which activities they can safely participate in. Neither “Farm of Life,” nor Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, is liable should you injure yourself while attending this retreat. You will need to sign a liability waiver prior to attending the retreat. The event hosts and facilitators are not responsible for any travel delays or inconveniences either. Please let us know if you have any type of allergies. Our rooms are not currently handicap accessible (we are working on it).


Travel / Getting to & from the Retreat


We recommend highly flying direct into San Jose Int’l airport in Costa Rica if possible to avoid any potential travel delays or problems.


*Important- Please Read!

The retreat starts on March 21st, so you will need to arrive in Costa Rica by March 20th. The retreat shuttle will pick everyone up at Margarita’s Guest House (which is where we recommend you stay if possible) around 6:30am and bring you all to your first adventure. On the last day of the retreat, which is March 28th, the retreat shuttle will bring you back to the airport early that morning. To give yourself enough time, I would recommend booking return flights home at 1pm or later.

If NOT using the complimentary transportation that will be provided during the specific scheduled window of time we have arranged, YOU will be responsible (including expenses) for getting yourself to and from the retreat location. Options include: taxis, shuttles, buses, or rental cars. 


What to Bring?

DrSamRaw-habilitationRetreatHangLooseOnce registered for a retreat, you will be sent an email with a detailed list of things to bring with you. If you don’t live in Costa Rica, you will need a passport. Please visit for more traveler information and to view pictures of the retreat location.


Contact Us with Your Questions

Questions about retreat location or travel in Costa Rica, please contact Brian & Jody Calvi (Finca de Vida): or by visiting

Questions specifically about Dr. SAM’s RAW-habilitation Retreats, please contact Dr. SAM at:



Retreat Facilitator

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT



The creator of the RAW-habilitation RetreatsTM is Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT. Samuel is an expert in rehabilitation and health transformation. People leave Samuel’s retreats, lectures and sessions empowered to take charge of their health. Samuel is the creator of many innovative health products including: “Bad Health Be Gone”, “Dr. SAM’s Revolutionary Rehab Manual”, and “Feel Good Now!” He has also created a unique therapeutic approach called: Raw-habilitationTM, which utilizes nature’s ‘raw materials’ to achieve optimal health and healing results. Whether working with a group of people or just an individual, Samuel’s passion and enthusiasm are said to be contagious. He is said to have ‘magic hands’ and a good heart. Due to his ability to get outstanding results and his passion and quest to help others, Samuel has become a highly sought after health and rehabilitation consultant.