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What is integrative bodywork?

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Integrative bodywork is a non-invasive hands-on approach to help promote relaxation, eliminate stress, and restore body structure and function, so that a person can live to their fullest potential. Throughout nature, it appears that the structural alignment of something helps to dictate it’s function. The human body, being part of Nature’s plan,  is no exception. In other words, the human body needs to be kept in optimal alignment and functioning (throughout a lifetime) if one desires good health, well-being, and a high quality of life.




How can an integrative bodywork session help me feel better?


Human touch is an essential nutrient.  Without it, the body tends to shut down and operate at less than optimal performance.  Integrative bodywork can help to unlock the innate healing energy and life force within your body so you can feel happy and healthy. For example, if your body gets out of alignment, this may place abnormal stresses on your body (muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and organs) leaving you more prone to disease, suffering, and decreased feelings of well-being.

An integrative bodywork session may be viewed as a ‘human tune-up’ that is used to help keep the body’s parts in good working order so it will continue to run well on a daily basis.  An integrative bodywork session can help put you back together so you feel back together. It helps remove the issues in the tissues!

What does an integrative bodywork session consist of?

Dr. SAM- staying hydratedIntegrative bodywork utilizes various hands-on techniques including:

* Soft tissue work (Myofascial Release, massage, strain-counterstrain)

* Joint Mobilization

* Cranio-sacral work

* Organ mobilization

* Various forms of stretching

* Acupressure

* Reflexology

* PNF(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

*Breath Work and Visualization


*Sound, Vibration, and Energy Work (Reiki, Chakras)



Are integrative bodywork sessions a substitute for medical intervention when needed?


Integrative bodywork sessions are NOT a substitute for proper medical intervention when needed. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner to help you with any immediate medical needs or concerns you may have.



How much do sessions cost?

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Cost of sessions may vary depending on the amount of sessions attended and length of sessions. Discounted multi-session packages are available. Call for pricing details.




How can I schedule an appointment for an integrative body work session?

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski- author, speaker, health consultant

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski- author, speaker, health consultant

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