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What is performance Enhancement?


Performance enhancement is a comprehensive integrated approach to training, reconditioning, exercise, and fitness. The focus of performance enhancement is to improve overall functional abilities and/or physical body composition. This may include improving: flexibility, strength, power, endurance, coordination, balance, agility, speed, and body composition (lean muscle mass vs. body fat tissue). Performance enhancement utilizes exercise principles that are progressive and based on scientific as well as empirical research. Performance Enhancement Specialists are trained to provide you with a thorough assessment and then develop a customized exercise program that can help you meet your individual performance and/or fitness needs and goals.


What are the components of a performance enhancement program?

Dr. Samuel-Mielcarski-fit and strongInitial assessment This process includes gathering a past history, identifying any present health concerns, and establishing performance goals. Objective evaluation techniques including video-tape analysis or pictures to determine the status of body structure and function may be utilized. Examination of body composition (body fat vs. lean muscle mass), posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, balance, agility, body awareness, and sport specific skills may be included in the initial assessment depending on an individual’s goals.

Comprehensive performance program Once an initial assessment has been completed, a comprehensive performance program is then established. The performance program is customized to meet an individual’s needs and goals.

Reassessment Periodic reassessments are utilized to determine if a client is making progress and to help ensure their performance goals are being adequately addressed.


Who can benefit from a performance enhancement program?

Janette and AlanAnyone looking to change their current level of fitness, performance, or body structure and composition may benefit from a performance enhancement program.

For example:

*Decreased Body Fat and Improvement in Lean Muscle Tissue

*Improved Posture and Body Awareness

*Greater Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance

*Improved Balance, Speed, Agility, and Coordination

*Improved Sport Specific Performance

*Improved Knowledge of exercise/fitness principles and Injury Prevention

*improved Level of Self-confidence and Body image


How long do performance enhancement training sessions generally last?

Time Excuse

Sessions generally last 30-90 minutes depending on a client’s individual needs and goals.  All clients are given one-on-one attention by Dr. Sam to ensure quality training and optimal results.




Are performance enhancement training sessions a substitute for proper medical intervention when needed?

PT RxPerformance enhancement and training sessions are not a substitute for proper medical intervention when needed.  Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner to help you with any immediate medical needs or concerns you may have.



How much do performance enhancement sessions cost?

DrSamPT-financial health

Cost of sessions will vary  depending on the time and amount of sessions that are attended.  Discounted multi-session packages are available.  Call for pricing details.




How can I schedule a performance enhancement session with Dr. SAM?

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski- author, speaker, health consultant

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski- author, speaker, health consultant


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