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In this Dr. SAM Wellness Newsletter November 2016 edition:

*DrSamPT Updates

*WHY Plant-based

*For The Sake of Humanity!

*Cheezy Noodles Recipe 

*Q & A with Dr. SAM

*DrSamPT Updates

Dr. SAM's Costa Rica Retreats- Wellness Newsletter Costa Rica Retreat

Dr. SAM’s next RAW-habilitation Wellness Retreat

Dates:  March 12th-19th 2017!

When you attend this awesome retreat, you will be joining others in paradise to experience:

  • AMAZING breathtaking Waterfalls!
  • FUN and challenging Jungle Hikes!
  • BEAUTIFUL exotic Beaches!
  • TANTALIZING fruits and other delicious Tropical Raw Food Delights!
  • YOGA and corrective exercise classes to improve posture and fitness!
  • PRIVATE individual bodywork sessions!
  • TONS of daily action and adventure!
  • AND TOTAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT– for one whole week in a Costa Rica!

Your life will be transformed for sure! You will have FUN! And… You will leave feeling totally empowered with an understanding of how to take better care of yourself for the rest of your life!



Again, this AMAZING RETREAT is happening:  March 12th-19th 2017

If you want to experience a TRUE Wellness Retreat that is unique and will leave you feeling Recharged, Rejuvenated, and Regenerated, then this is a MUST ATTEND EVENT!


Click Here for Retreat Details

Dr. SAM in the Media Features:

Over the last month, I was honored to be featured in several places:

dr-samuel-a-mielcarski-pro-business-channel- Wellness Newsletter

 1.  A Radio Interview- on Pro Business Channel

The interview is here >>> Radio Interview


2. An article on Value Penguin about the Physical Therapy Profession The article can be found here >>> Article

3. In this new video commercial produced by DataSphere (found below)

Join me at this “Live Event” in Atlanta
dr-sam-wellness-newsletter -retreat-fruit-buffett
I am excited to be facilitating a Live Seminar Event next month in early December. This event will focus on helping you achieve TOTAL HEALTH SUCCESS! Whether your goal is: weight-loss; needing more energy; becoming more fit; looking younger; eliminating pain; or conquering/preventing disease, this seminar can help you!

News Years Resolutions don’t work, but PLANS DO! So, do you have a plan? How about a proven plan? The time to take action is NOW, so you gain the necessary POSITIVE MOMENTUM going into the New Year! More Details here >>> SEMINAR

*Why Plant-Based

thanks-living-2016- Wellness Newsletter There is NO DOUBT that WE are a sick country. AND… there is NO DOUBT that MANY of the TOP leading causes of death in this country can be prevented with a modification in DIET & LIFESTYLE! Consider this: The TOP leading cause of death (heart disease) can often be prevented and/or reversed with a plant-based diet! Read that again! Okay, again! That’s right, eating a plant-based (vegan) diet can reverse and/or prevent heart disease– the #1 killer in America! Now… how many other diets can do that? Well.. then… how many other diets are really ideal for us?

As you are chewing on that piece of ‘food for thought’, the same could be said for many of the other top leading causes of death. If you would like to read the “science” to prove it, there’s plenty of it!

Also, about a year ago, a UN report (in The Guardian) said that a “global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change”. Wow, that is a bold statement for sure. However, it’s also an honest and sobering one! The report indicates that the typical diet (rich in meat and dairy products) is NOT a sustainable one! This has been known for quite a long time actually. However, the truth of the matter is finally now coming to light. Hopefully, greed will take a back seat to global health!

The report also said: “Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth increasing consumption of animal products. Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products.”

Although most people are still unaware, the MAJOR contributor to green house gases, climate change, deforestation, and water shortages is the animal agriculture business. Yes, the raising and killing of livestock is not only contributing to needless animal suffering and killing, but the planet at large is suffering at a great cost as well! The bottom line is that: HUMANS DON’T NEED to consume animal products (meat, eggs, and dairy products) to be healthy! Again, as mentioned at the beginning of this section, plant-based diets have been shown to reverse and/or prevent most chronic diseases! 

If you’re looking for a good book to read on this topic, you can find one here >>> Book Recommendation


For The Sake of Humanity

savehumanity- Dr. SAM's Wellness Newsletter



Public Service Announcement: If we wish to preserve humanity, we MUST make a conscious effort to STOP LOOKING DOWN AT CELL PHONES ALL DAY LONG!






*Cheezy Noodles Recipe

Cheezy Noodle Recipe- Chris Kendall- Wellness Newsletter


If you liked last month’s “pineapple pleaser”, then you are sure to enjoy this other scrumptious Noodle Dish. It’s “Cheezy” and sure to pleasey! This is a nice plant-based option to help raise your level of vitality!


•  2 zucchini (1 lb / 460 g)

•  3 cobs corn / 3 cups kernels (.75 lb / 345 g)

•  3-4 Roma tomatoes (.5 lb / 230 g)

•  Arugula (.15 lb / 70 g)

•  Sun dried tomatoes (1/4 cup / 60 g)

•  Pumpkin seeds (1/4 cup / 60 g)


DirectionsMake noodles out of zucchini with your favorite noodle device, place any extra zucchini bits in the blender and the noodles in a bowl. Dice 1/4 of the tomatoes and add to the bowl, place the rest in the blender. Remove the kernels from the corn and add to the blender also adding the sun-dried tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. Blend well till smooth as can be, add the arugula and pulse blend till well mixed. Pour over noodles and mix well, serve immediately 🙂


Chris KendallThis recipe is from Chris Kendall’s new book: 50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes! As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, and Yoga Teacher, Chris Kendall has helped transform hundreds of lives. Whether it’s through his raw food demos, public speaking, blog and social media, health coaching, or even his skateboarding, Chris’s passion to inspire and help others find better health can be felt at a deep level. More details about Chris and his offerings can be found here: The Raw Advantage


*Q & A with Dr. SAM

Dr SAM- bio pic- Wellness Newsletter Question: A Wellness Newsletter Reader asks: What’s the best way to lose weight quickly?

Answer: The ‘best’ way may not always be the ‘healthiest’ way. However, I’m an advocate of healthy weight loss. To achieve this, just follow this simple premise: Treat your body correctly, and it will work correctly!  In other words, focus on becoming healthier, as opposed to focusing on just losing weight. When you become healthier, any unnecessary weight your body doesn’t need will naturally disappear. As I often tell my clients and patients: “There are NO short-cuts to better health, but there really IS a Quick Fix’!”   (More Details Here)

Thanks for your question.

How to get your questions answered?

If you have a question for Dr. Sam that you would like answered in an upcoming Wellness Newsletter please use the Contact Info Form. As I get a ton of emails, please put the following in the subject line of the contact form: “Question for future newsletter”, so that I can find it much easier.

If you know anyone that may benefit from receiving my Natural Health Newsletter, please feel free to send them to so they can sign up.

In loving service,
Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT

You can connect with me here:



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